subsie Features


With subsie you have all the technology you need at your fingertips to easily add subscription capability to your eCommerce store. You'll be able to add subscription profiles and easily add products to these profiles. Your customers can then choose to add to cart or simply choose a frequency and subscribe.

We're focused on increasing lifetime value of that customer.


In the subsie app, you can setup new profiles, edit customer profiles, and even edit a customers subscription contents. You'll also have the ability to setup incentives to subscribe. This includes the ability to discount based on subscription frequency and length.

  • Subscription Profile Management
  • Incentive Based Subscriptions
  • Frequency Based Subsriptions (you define the frequencies)
  • Customers can easily update their subscription


We're focused on converting initial buyers into subscriers and long term retention to increase the lifetime value that you'll see.

What if you could pay to acquire a customer just once, and they subscribe for life?

Over 73,091

subscriptions are
managed with Subsie